Round 8 awards have been announced

Thank you for participating in Round 8 of the SREC-II Program.  At this time, all successful bidders in Round 8 have been notified. We would like to thank all who have participated in Round 8 of the SREC-II based financing program. The following is the summary of the result from Round 8:

Segment 1. Residential and Small Commercial (50 kW and below):

  • 4 bids were received, totaling 53.41 kW
  • 4 bids were rejected because the pricing was found not to be competitive


Segment 2. Residential & Small Commercial (Greater than 50 kW):

  • 9 bids were received, totaling 8,823.98kW
  • 9 bid awards were made, totaling 8,823.98 kW
  • The average accepted price per SREC in Segment 2 was $158.03


Segment 3. Subsection t. Landfills, Brownfields, or Areas of Historic Fill (Up to 5.2 MW):

  • No bids were received in this round.


We invite you to submit a price competitive bid in the upcoming, final solicitation round.

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