Instructions from the SREC Registration Program Manager:

All SRP Registrations for the SREC Based Financing Program Solicitation must be RECEIVED by the Program Manager by April 3, 2017 before 4 PM Eastern Time.  Due to the high volume of registrations, no exceptions will be given on this deadline.  Information on SRP registration requirements are available at

Note that all SRP applications must be submitted via the online portal.

Please note the following if submitting an SRP application in order to submit a bid to the SREC-II Program:

  • Please utilize the online portal to submit your SRP Registration Packet.
  • In the online portal, please upload a Cover Letter (as provided in Attachment C – SRP Cover Letter) to advise the Program Manager that you intend to submit your project in this Solicitation.
  • If there is no cover letter, the Program Manager will assume the project is not intended for this Solicitation.
  • Please review your SRP Registration prior to submitting to the Program Manager to ensure all required information is included.
  • Once your application is submitted, please complete the following form to advise the SREC Registration Program administrator that you have submitted an application via the SREC Registration Program’s Online Application Portal:
  • Any SRP Registration packets that were previously submitted without a cover letter should also use the following form to advise the SREC Registration Program administrator that you previously submitted an application:

Any questions regarding the SRP Process can be directed to 866-NJSMART (866-657-6278) or via e-mail to